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Greg speaking with Kate Kingsmill on 3RRR about promoting unpopular music


Pat O’Brien and Clinton Green joined Adrian Meade on 3PBS on 29th September 2014 to talk about promoting unpopular music.


Cat Hope, Ross Bencina and Clinton Green joined Julian Day on New Music Up Late on Saturday 2nd August to preview Episode One of More Talk.

Greg spoke with with Jeff Sparrow on 3RRR about this year’s More Talk Less Action events.

includes music by Cat Hope, Warren Burt and The Bedroom Philosopher


A big thank you to the radio and press who have supported More Talk by telling you about it. We’ve collected our press and radio interviews here. Click to play or download the audio files.

3000 on our Tone Scientists event

Clinton and Ernie Althoff talking with Julian Day on ABC Classic FM’s New Music Up Late (audio file), September 2013

Review of “Why Noise? MTLA#1” in Cyclic Defrost, September 2013

It’s time we talked about music, in Resonate, August 2013

Interview with Clinton in Cyclic Defrost, August 2013

Greg talking with Elizabeth McCarthy and Dave Graney on 3RRR (audio file), August 2013

Clinton and John Nixon talking with Adrian Meade on 3PBS (audio file), August 2013
( full 2 hour version with music at 3PBS Contact page )

Clinton talking with Paul Kidney on 3PBS (audio file), August 2013

Clinton talking with Camilla Hannan on 3RRR (audio file), August 0213