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It’s time we talked about music…

Critical discourse on sound art, cutting edge music and related artistic theory is a virtual taboo in the Australian scene. Whilst performance of these music/art forms in Melbourne and Australia is burgeoning, there is a distinct lack of discourse about what is often very conceptual and theory-oriented art forms.

More Talk, Less Action aims to encourage both critical discourse and open discussion amongst practitioners and audiences alike, in a serious yet friendly and entertaining environment. Each installment consists of a panel discussion and performances from a range of artists, writers, promoters and thinkers.

Events follow this format:

  • first performance (20 minutes)
  • discussion (45-60 minutes)
  • final performance (20 minutes)
  • wrap-up, drinks and chat

organized by:

Clinton-gramophone at Conduit Clinton Green (Shame File label)
Greg Wadley (Spill label)

West Space hosted the first two series of More Talk, and were a great support in getting the series up-and-running, for which we remain grateful.

The series is currently on an indefinite break.


to get in touch please email cdgsham AT gmail DOT com


Twitter #moretalklessaction