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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sean Baxter set-up

Audio of the panel discussion from earlier this month is now available on the Archives page, along with audio of Alexander Garsden performance and video of Sean Baxter. Many thanks to Camilla Hannan for the audio recordings. A few photos from the night  have also been added to the 2014-15 gallery/slideshow here.

Alex Garsden is a composer, musician, improviser, and co-curator of the INLAND performance series. He will join us on Thursday night to consider the question What does it mean to be a composer in Australia today?

garsdenHere is a sample of one of his compositions – ‘Faculties (I)’ (2012) for Piano, Vioncello and Clarient (excerpt), performed by the Golden Fur Trio

Sean Baxter is an improvisor who has had a long engagement with avant-garde music in Australia, both as a performer and former curator of the Make It Up Club. Here are his thoughts on the state of Australian composition. See him talk about it live as part of our panel at the next More Talk – What does it mean to be a composer in Australia today?, where he will also give a solo performance.