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Monthly Archives: July 2014

I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard – John Cage (1937)

I do not hesitate to write…without bashful hypocrisy and pointless melancholy: SCHOENBERG IS DEAD – Pierre Boulez (1951)

Schoenberg’s great achievement…was to claim freedom for composers…He was a composer who made it clear to society that he would not allow himself to be kicked about – Karlheinz Stockhausen (2000)

What is, or seems to be, new in this music? One finds a concern for a kind of objectivity, almost anonymity – sound come into its own. The “music” is a resultant existing simply in the sounds we hear, given no impulse by expression of self or personality…For at least some of these [experimental] composers, then, the final intention is to be free of artistry and taste. – Christian Wolff (1958)

How can a composer truly reflect society if he ignores the lessons of that society? – Cornelius Cardew (1974)

I think of composition as referring to the act of creating music and of improvisation as being one means to bring that about – Richard Barrett

I am a musician, but I am another type of musician  – Sun Ra

I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to – Elvis Presley

I’ve often found the obligation to use all twelve tones to be unbearable – Boulez (1999)

Composition is Dead: writing music in the 21st century
Cat Hope, Ross Bencina, Warren Burt (with Callum G’Froerer and Cathexis performing works by Hope)

Thursday 7 August 2014, 7:30pm – $10 entry (Facebook event)

West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne

The twentieth century saw a series of musical upheavals, from modernism and atonality to chance composition, electronic music and rock’n’roll. The status of ‘composer’ has been continuously challenged, discarded and re-imagined. Our panelists work has addressed the ‘composer problem’ in the 21st Century, employing strategies as varied as graphic/generative scores, the revolutionary Audio Mulch software, and the use of pre-existing formats (such as DNA mapping) as compositional material. Callum G’Froerer and Cathexis will perform scores composed by Cat Hope, including Black Disciples.


Black Disciples (2013) score from cat hope on Vimeo.

Greg spoke with with Jeff Sparrow on 3RRR about this year’s More Talk Less Action events.

includes music by Cat Hope, Warren Burt and The Bedroom Philosopher